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  • Ask the Red Cross to visit the hostages in Gaza

    Ask the Red Cross to visit the hostages in Gaza

    Click here to send a direct message to the International Committee of the Red Cross Send a message to the International Red Cross – Fulfill your mission to protect the lives and dignity of the helpless victims who were kidnapped by Hamas on 7 October.  Options for message text: To the Red Cross: Our hearts…

UNWomen is silence about rape and gender-based atrocities carried our by Hamas on October 7

It is intolerable that an international organization in charge of protecting the rights of women worldwide will ignore the crimes committed against Israeli women

Email countries that fund UNWomen:

You can send an email to as many representative as you wish!

Tie a Blue Ribbon #BringThemHome

Demand the Release the 220  hostages held by Hamas in Gaza

  1. Tie a Blue Ribbon around a tree trunk
  2. If you can – Post an image of an Israeli hostage next to the ribbon
  3. Take a picture 
  4. Send us the picture for the photo gallery
  5. Post on Social Media with the hashtag #IsrealBlueRibbon